Sky Global Courier Ltd. | About Us
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About Us

Sky Global Courier Ltd. is an integrator in the logistic industry, covering through a global network of agents , all the major centers of our globe. Accredited and licensed by the Worldwide (Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier) and O.T.I. (Ocean Transportation Intermediary).

Sky Global Courier Ltd. mission is to provide yothe most professional, efficient, competitive, and personalized services for your logistic requirements either by sea, air and road.

Our aim is to become your Global Logistic Provider by handling your shipments from its origin to its final destination and completing all the required operations and formalities.

Utilizing a network of over 80 agents worldwide, our dedicated professionals ship valuable commodities with the utmost professionalism and ease. We are a global leader in freight forwarding and logistics. Get a shipping quote today!

Air Freight & Ocean Freight 24/7 Online Tracking

Throughout our history, we have always applied the best technology available to freight forwarders at the time. Today this ongoing process manifests itself in our internet based Freight Tracking system. Unlike similar systems, Sky Global Courier Ltd. tracking is real time and provides a centralized data warehouse for all supply chain parties and project cargo participants. Sky Global Courier Ltd. tracking benefits all customers no matter what their size. We invite you to take the tour and read our brochure to find out how Sky Global Courier Ltd. can help you.

Whether using our airfreight or ocean freight forwarding services to move LCL or FCL cargo or utilizing our extensive Customs Broker services, every shipment benefits from the wide range of Sky Global Courier Ltd. technology, services and expertise. Let the skills used to coordinate complex and tactical transportation of all manner of freight be put to use for your business. Enjoy value added services usually not available elsewhere. Stay informed and enjoy the piece of mind!